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Hi Alert:  before considering - be mindful that the retreat center is at 8,000 feet above sea level!!!!

Types of Centering Prayer Retreats

  •                   2020- 7 day retreats are $650, 8 day retreats are $750, 10 day retreats are $850 
Regular Intensive

             The “regular” Centering Prayer Intensives have a major educational component, both with the first day having an in-depth look at the practice itself, and then 6 days during which you see 2 videos per day from Fr. Keating’s Spiritual Journey tapes.  Also staff read to you from Open Mind, Open Heart during the breakfast and lunch meals.   You get more immersed in the conceptual background of the spiritual practice with a regular Intensive. 

Post Intensive

With the Post, you are assumed to have this foundation fairly well in place and the focus is on the practice itself.   The Post is much more silent, in that no videos are shown, the sits are done in 30 minute segments rather than 20 minutes, and all meals are in silence.  There are 5½ days of the Post which are called the Grand Silence, when you are asked not to even make eye contact.    Typically most retreatants on the Post Intensives have been doing the practice fairly long, so the silence can be very deep.  But some regular Intensives have also been quite silent, as well.   We recommend that folks attend a regular Intensive before doing a Post, but obviously you are the best judge of what's appropriate for you. Most "Posts" are ten days, though in November we offer 2 separate 8 day Post.

Collaborative Inquiry

In this retreat, which is similar in format to a post, we set aside time 5 mornings and 4 afternoons for triad breakout sessions.  The triads are an opportunity for sharing without comment - giving voice to ones own spiritual journey and the impact of centering prayer in ones life.  The group is somewhat self directed in terms of amount of sitting, questions to be posed in triads and silence over meals.


Similiar to a post, this retreat incorporates an hour and a half more sitting, no readings, no walks and talks - an extended opportunity for silence shading into stillness amongst solitude and community!  Once a day there will be a 5 minute video clip of Father Thomas Keating reflecting on the deepening fruits of the extended practice of centering prayer.  Thomas reminds us:  “Interior silence morphs into the presence of God.  Then silence is not just silence, emptiness or nothingness.  It is rather the best preparation for divine union there is, because over time it reduces all the obstacles.  God’s love is like the atmosphere that fills every empty space.”