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 Contemplative Outreach of Colorado


To register for a retreat contact us at: 

Once we reopen - retreats will most likely only serve 10 to 14 individuals for the time being, as we observe safe practices for one and all.

Feel free to reach out with questions 


                         2021  RETREAT  SCHEDULE
                             (under Covid restrictions)

January                  12 Step Retreat          CANCELLED

February                Hybrid (Post/Regular Intensive)    CANCELLED

March 9 - 18             10-day Post Intensive       FULL

April 6 - 15                 10-day Post Intensive           FULL

May 18 - 27               10 day Contemplative Listening Post Post        FULL

June 15 - 24            10-day - young adult retreat (those in their 20’s and 30’s)      FULL

July 13 - 22             10-day Hybrid     FULL

August 3 - 12           10-day Post Intensive         FULL

September 7 - 16    10-day Post Intensive         FULL

September 21 -27    7-day 12 step friendly        FULL

October 5 - 14         10-day Regular Intensive   FULL

November 1 - 8        8-day Contemplative Listening Post Post Intensive  (A) FULL

November 15 - 22    8-day Post Intensive (B)    FULL

Nov 30 - Dec  9       10 day Post Intensive         FULL

       Once retreats are offered again, and assuming we are still under Covid restrictions prices are as follows: -  7 day retreats are $700 - 8 day retreats are $800- 10 day retreats are $1000  This price adjustments is necessary as everyone will be in a single room; unless you come as a couple (if so our former rates apply).

   If we are still under Covid restrictions as of July 1, prices will increase again in order for us to run retreats without a loss.

   At this time - one retreat per year is the limit, though if you are on waiting list for a 2nd retreat     and a last minute opening occurs - a 2nd retreat is possible.

We encourage you to consider being on a waiting list for any of the retreats that are no longer open, since we regularly have cancellations

NOTE:  We will or be posting 2022 calendar until retreats are up and running once again.